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2020 KMS Standard (1-Month Commitment)

The KMS Standard is our most flexible membership. As a KMS Standard member, you get unlimited class access, a t-shirt, hand wraps, and access to special seminars, workshops, and community events for $230/month with a one-time signup fee of $150. You can cancel your membership anytime by providing written notice three business days before your next payment date.

Key things to know about this membership. The verbiage below is a helpful summary of your membership agreement, however, it is not your official membership agreement. We recommend you read through your ENTIRE membership agreement before signing it.

- The KMS Standard membership is a month-to-month membership. This means that you pre-pay each month for a month of unlimited training.
- Your membership will continue to renew each month until you provide written notice of cancellation. Notice must be in writing and must be sent to KMS at least three business days before your next membership payment. We recommend emailing with your notice of cancellation.

- You can pause your membership twice for a minimum of 14 days, maximum of 30 days per hold.
- Putting your membership on hold pushes out your remaining membership term and payments.
- Members are required to use the Zen Planner mobile app to reserve a spot in advance for all classes.
- We have a six-hour class cancellation policy. To cancel a class reservation, you must cancel your spot more than six hours before the class start time.
- You get two ‘freebie’ no-shows per month; you can no-show for two classes per month with no fee and no penalty.
- If you no-show for three or more classes within a month, you will be charged a $20 no-show fee for your third no-show and for each subsequent no-show.
- When you arrive at KMS, you must sign in for all your classes on one of the iPads so that you can receive credit for attending and also avoid receiving a ‘no-show’.
- You can reserve a spot in class up to seven days in advance.

- All Krav Maga, BMT Kickboxing, and Grappling Arts classes have a uniform requirement.
- A KMS t-shirt or top is required for all Krav Maga and Grappling Arts classes.
- A white BMT t-shirt is required for BMT Kickboxing classes.
- If you train in shoes, you must have indoor training shoes. We have a strict indoor shoe policy: no outdoor shoes on the mats or training areas.
- There is no uniform requirement for fitness classes such as Bag, Fit, Yoga, and Kettlebell.

- 10.1% sales tax is charged on all memberships, fees, and purchases, as required by the State of Washington.

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 1 month(s)
Attendance: Unlimited classes
Begin Date: Jan 18, 2020
End Date: Feb 18, 2020
Payment Terms
Price: $150.00 signup fee, plus $230.00

Due Now

Signup Fee  $150.00
First Installment  $230.00
Taxes  $38.38
Total Due Now  $418.38

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